Getting Started

Every Health Coach template comes pre-loaded with general, health-coached themed content to help you get started with your website. The content was put together with help from IIN, so there's a lot of good information in there, but you have the freedom to change it as you see fit.


Remember, this is YOUR website. It should be a representation of you and your health coach practice. So take the time to personalize your content and customize your look to help you stand out from the rest!

So what should I do first?


» Try the Getting Started Checklist


We’ve created this checklist to help simplify the process of setting up your website, while also providing helpful tips and links to resources along the way. Save it, bookmark it, print if off, and check off tasks as you go! Start off slow doing a few things at a time and before you know it, you'll have yourself an AMAZING website!

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» Browse the Education Portal


The LiveEdit Education Portal is the go-to destination for help guides and video tutorials on how to use the LiveEdit platform to edit your website. Browse for help with editing text and adding images, learn how to take advantage of IIN-specific tools like the Recipe App the IIN Blog Feeds, and the included IIN Lead Generation and Health History forms.


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» Sign up to attend a webinar


Our LiveEdit Webinar Series gives health coaches an opportunity to learn first-hand from a member of the LiveEdit team. Learn the basics of editing

pick up some professional design tips, or even see how to build an entire website page by page! 

And ... each session is recorded and posted in the Education Portal

for easy viewing at any time!

Did we mention that they're FREE to sign up for?

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